Talha Ahmad
Bangladesh Passport Photo Size Dimensions & Requirements { "Country": "Bangladesh ", "Type": "Passport", "Passport Picture Size": "45x55mm <br> Width: 45mm, Height: 55mm ", "Head Size & Position": "Head-chin: 32-36mm <br> Distance from the top of the photo to the top of the hair: 10mm <br> <br> Head must face the camera directly and should not be tilted or angled", "Background Color": "White", "Color & Lighting": "Photo should be in color and not in black and white <br> <br> There should be uniform lighting on the face and there must be no shadows on the face or the background and no red eye", "Resolution": "Picture should be in high resolution, preferably with 600 DPI", "Facial Expressions & Makeup": "For best results, aim for a neutral expression. However, a gentle, subtle smile is also acceptable but mouth must be closed and teeth shouldn't show <br> <br> Subtle makeup is acceptable but it's recommended to avoid heavy eye-liner, dramatic wings, smokey eyeshadow, dark-colored lipsticks, or excessive highlighter on the face. Opt for a more natural look to enhance your features", "Eyes & Hair": "Eyes must be open, visible and looking straight into the camera <br> <br> If you've got long hair, bangs, or fringes, make sure they don't cover your eyes or eyebrows", "Glasses": "It is highly recommended not to wear glasses", "Headgear": "Headgear like caps or beanies is not permitted, except for religious reasons. Therefore, scarves for women are allowed", "Dress Code": "Feel free to wear almost anything, just make sure it contrasts with the background. For instance, avoid wearing a white shirt against a white background in your photo", "Beard": "You can keep a beard if you normally keep one", "Jewelry": "Do not wear earrings that are too big and don't wear piercings on your nose or lips", "Technical Comments": "Image must be in high resolution <br> <br> The final edited photo for Adults must have head-to-chin measurement between 32-36 mm and eye distance should be 8 to 10 mm from pupil to pupil and should be above horizontal center line", "Sharing Our Experience": "<strong>Need</strong> to be in high resolution but high resolution <strong>DOES NOT</strong> really mean that <strong>it has to be a photo taken in photo studio </strong> or it has to be clicked by a professional photographer <br> <br> You can take a photo at home with your mobile phone and we will edit the picture to the right dimensions of 35x45mm. <br> <br> It's highly recommended to closely follow our guide of capturing photos under natural light without harsh shadows", "References":'< ' } Bangladesh Passport Photo Size Dimensions and Requirements - Ozelu Studio Find size, dimensions, and requirements of Bangladesh Passport size photo. Upload online, picture taken from phone, we manually edit and share it with you with guaranteed compliance. Bangladesh Passport Photo Size Dimensions and Requirements
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